Reminiscence on my friendship with Galka Scheyer

Stories by Marjorie Eaton written circa 1951-52


These stories written by Marjorie and are part of the archives of my aunt Marjorie Eaton. Exactly when and why they were written I really can’t say. I do know Marjorie loved Galka very much and Galka had a profound influence on Marjorie’s sense of self as a woman and a painter.

It was Galka who challenged Dr. George Eaton, Marjorie’s father, to open his eyes to the great talent Marjorie had. It was Galka who encouraged Marjorie to travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico knowing the culture, the people and the colors would deepen Marjorie’s abilities and broaden her vision. The experience changed Marjorie’s life forever.

I surmise the dates  because Marjorie mentions her 25 year friendship with Galka and they met in 1926-27. Though Galka died in 1945, Marjorie as I know her, would have continued the friendship through the years as though Galka was still with her. These stories were, I believe, Marjorie’s way of keeping the flame of their deep friendship alive and close to her heart. – Susan Kirk, Marjorie’s niece


Meeting Galka


A Day in the Country


The Art of Collecting


Galka as a teacher



Conversation with a Child of Seven


Galka and Lloyd Rollins


Galka Portrait